Thursday, September 24, 2009


Who likes to waste energy? No One!! So why not get your house kitted out to be more energy efficient for only $50 with Climate Smart, if you're in QLD, Australia. The Climate Smart Service involves a licensed electrician and maybe his apprentice (shock absorber) coming to your house and and installing an energy monitor, a water saver shower head where suitable and also up to 15 CFL bulbs throughout your home, this installation will only take an hour or so. We had the plumber at our house at the same time, on his knees repairing the faucet under the sink. The Electrician walked into the kitchen to replace the old bulb,

Plumber: "You the electrician?"

Sparky: "Yeah, that's me."

Plumber: "Good, can you get these shorts out of my ass?"

What is it with tradesmen and their cracks these days? It's almost like it's in fashion. The energy monitor provides great real time information on your homes power consumption in an easy to understand format. We've had this service installed at our home and it's brilliant! We're now much more aware of which appliances chew the power. The LCD monitor will provide information on your current power usage, how much co2 emissions your home is producing and a current monetary estimate of your bill amongst other features.
If you have a 3 phase home the energy monitor is only connected to read one tariff, so it will not include information on off peak tariffs, like those connected to your hot water systems etc.

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