Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Hi, my name's Martin from Cairns, Australia. My girlfriend and I were searching the internet for the best way to reduce our carbon foot print AND make a self sufficient home. Remarkably we found: "FREE ENERGY" This was something COMPLETELY UNFAMILIAR to me! I hadn't heard of a zero point generator before either!

I checked out the website... I thought it was a bit sketchy at first. I did some extensive research about the product MAGNETS4ENERGY and magnetic energy generator IT'S LEGIT! We bought it straight away to try it out!

Now, i don't know anything about electronics, but FREE POWER really interests me! My power bills were through the roof and I figured why not? It might save me a few bucks. This e-book actually has the plans for a device that will create free zero point energy and will work all by itself producing that energy we all desire for free.

I was very impressed with the easy to follow straight-forward instructions Magnets4Energy gives you on how to create your own home power, FREE! Everything was very well laid out and very easy to read and it comprehensively explained to me in detail, EXACTLY what I needed to obtain to make my own free energy generator.

The Magnets4Energy System is the most efficient alternative energy system available today. It is estimated that this exact technology, that i am exposing to you today, will be used by every major energy company before the year 2020. With the detailed Magnets4Energy free energy plans, it's simple and cheap for you to use the system now!The BEST THING is that for a LIMITED TIME, the scientists who designed the Magnets4Energy system are offering a promotional 75% Discount Price!

You're probably asking yourself these questions:
- how does the system work?
- how can I save money on my power bill?
- how cheap it is to install?
- how cheap is it to run?
- is it easy enough for me to build and install myself?

Let me tell you EVERYTHING NOW - TODAY! So you too can get started on creating energy self sufficient homes.

The Magnets4Energy Magnetic Electricity Generator works based on a simple concept. It uses magnets and electromagnetic energy to induce perpetual motion. It runs all by itself continuously, GIVING YOU FREE MAGNETIC ENERGY! There are NO maintenance costs which saves you money and your generator will never need a third-party device or another resource for power. EVER. We are familiar with how a solar panel turns light into electricity - apply this concept to the Magnets4Energy Generator because it turns magnetic energy into electricity!!!
The process is so simplistic. The generator is very basic - it requires practically no maintenance. Unlike solar or wind power solutions, the Magnets4Energy system does not rely on weather to provide power, meaning that it will run self sufficiently non stop, giving you a continual supply of free energy!!

My girlfriend and I are so EXCITED that we have created free energy power!!
Together we built a "half house generator". Each generator was capable of providing 100% of the electricity for more than half of our house. We were AMAZED that we could generate free energy!!

We followed the construction process with ease and each of the generators cost approximately $100 to build, including all the supplies required which are easily obtained from local hardware and electronic stores. We LOVED how descriptive the Magnets4Energy E-book is! The guide was SO SIMPLE to follow! We got it right the first time!!!

The Magnets4Energy Service Team is ready to assist you with quick and reliable support - 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! (Just incase you need clarification around ANYTHING contained within the easy to follow instructions)

- There is even a 60-Day Guarantee for your piece of mind! - ADDED VALUE OF 5 BONUS hand books!!! Full of practical advice about reducing your carbon footprint!

- The Discounted Price makes the value of the Magnets4Energy System a no-brainer, now that you have learned that the free energy generator will easily pay for itself in less than 2 months! JOIN US and thousands of others reaping the benefits of green energy solutions and set the trend for a greener future!!


  1. What's it like to wake up in the morning knowing that you make a living ripping people off with this scam? Did your parents teach you to behave that way?

  2. I actually used the new Ambigrid Plans to build solar panels for under $100, as well as a solar water heater for less than $10! I can’t say enough good things about them!