Monday, September 14, 2009

Save Electricity At Home - Top Tips

*FREE Ceiling insulation worth up to $1600 is available in Australia now with the government home owner Ceiling Insulation Program. You can call 1300 059 225 or visit to find out more.

* Consider turning your water heater down to a warm setting to help save energy and avoid hot water injuries. This will save 14 - 25% of your power bill.

* Set your air conditioner to 25C or 77F, this is the most economical setting. Some people find 25C to be too warm to set the air conditioner to. If that’s the case for you then running a fan is an economical solution to help augment cooling provided by the air conditioner. So a great option is to run the fans on high with the air conditioner set to 25C rather than setting the air conditioner any cooler then that.

* Replacing your regular incandescent bulbs with “Compact Fluorescents” (CFLs) can save 3/4’s of the electricity used by your regular bulbs. If you're in Australia you can have your whole house refitted with CFL's for around $50 by an electrician. And they can also install a energy/bill meter in your house so you can gauge your power consumption on a daily basis and it also tells you how much money your bill is going to cost before you get it.

* When it comes to heat pumps, air-conditioners and furnaces-cleaning the filters or replacing them can have an effect on your energy consumption also.

* Replacing weather stripping and applying new caulk to windows and doors will help keep the cold out and heat in.

* Low-Flow shower heads as well as aerated faucet heads can help save on your water consumption.

* If some hot water pipes or ducts are located in unheated areas, wrapping them in insulation can help keep the water warmer and prevent the water heater from running excessively.

* Wall Insulation. If you’ve got the bucks, have fiberglass or cellulose insulation installed into the walls by an insulation contractor. Doing an upgrade on the attic insulation will pay off too.

Over time these few tips put in to action can really reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bill.

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